Recycle Used Cooking Oil To Reduce LPG Gas Price!

Used cooking oil are the waste cooking oil that is produced daily in the kitchen of Malaysian’s homes and business premises. This used cooking oil are stale, dirty, used and not fit & safe for consumptions anymore.

Usually, Malaysians (and everyone else too!) tend to pour it down the kitchen sinks, drain, sewage pipes, or throw outside in the open. This is unethical and gross pollution of the environment. Annually nearly 80 million metric tons of used cooking oil ends up in waterways, polluting our ocean, and impacting the global climate crisis.

We collect this used cooking oil before its thrown, so that we can bulk collect it to be upcycled for BIODIESELS – a sustainable version of diesel that can power modern diesel based trucks and vehicles.

By focusing on collecting this used cooking oil to be turned into BIODIESELS, we are able to reduce the pollution that enter our waterways and do our little part in our planet’s conservation.

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