Recycle Used Cooking Oil To Reduce LPG Gas Price!

There is many reasons why we ask you to use BELIGAS app when you want to recycle, and it revolves around one key word: TRACEABILITY.

BELIGAS want to make sure we collect only USED Cooking Oil, derived genuinely from households and food premises that produces this used cooking oil. As big believers in sustainability, we do not want to allow FRESH palm oil to be marked as Used Cooking Oil for unethical sales.

Similarly, BELIGAS, our Partners, The Governing License Bodies will also be able to track logistics and movement of this Used Cooking Oil as its makes its way upstream to be converted into biodiesels. When you recycle through BELIGAS App, there is paper trails on the collection all the way until it ends up being processed as BIODIESEL.

Only BELIGAS are able to provide this peace of mind to our customers. Any collections done manually without paper trails with “roadside  and casual collectors” leaves room for corruption, abuse and also tampering of Used Cooking Oil for unethical processes and procedures that might result in the used cooking oil re-entering into human consumptions.

To All consumer: 

  1. Recycle your used cooking oil through BELIGAS App 
  2. Recycle your used cooking oil at BELIGAS Outlets 

and enjoy peace of mind, reduced essential priced goods, and also awesome redemptions in BG Rewards.

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