Recycle Used Cooking Oil To Reduce LPG Gas Price!

Why We Ask You To Recycle UCO Through BELIGAS App & Outlets

There is many reasons why we ask you to use BELIGAS app when you want to recycle, and it revolves around one key word: TRACEABILITY. BELIGAS want to make sure we collect only USED Cooking Oil, derived genuinely from households

What Is Used Cooking Oil & Its Use?

Used cooking oil are the waste cooking oil that is produced daily in the kitchen of Malaysian’s homes and business premises. This used cooking oil are stale, dirty, used and not fit & safe for consumptions anymore. Usually, Malaysians (and

Are You Going To Resell UCO as NEW Cooking Oil?

BELIGAS only collects the used cooking oil to be strictly sold and used for non-human consumption, biodiesel application with vetted buyers & partners licensed under the auspices of Malaysia Palm Oil Board. BIODIESEL is a upcycled product that can be

How Do I Contact BELIGAS?

If you need manual support from BELIGAS, you can reach us at: Email: corporate@beligas.my Call: 1800-88-2427 (during MY office hours) If you require additional support from BELIGAS area dealers, you can find their contact numbers in the NOTIFICATION page of

Do BELIGAS Accept All Brands Of LPG Gas for Swaps?

For time being, we accept all LPG brands without cost, except BHP. Unfortunaletly, there is a BHP swapping issues across the market, that requires us to surcharge RM3 to our customers who wants to swap from BHP to SOLAR &

Our Operational Time?

BeliGas operates to collect used cooking oil & deliver cheap LPG everyday from 9AM to 6PM, except main Public Holidays (depending on outlet & areas). Customer’s order & delivery will be sent based on their delivery selection in the BELIGAS app. 

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